July 29, 2019
The Face Behind The Budget

There is something so pretty about knowing the worth of the items you buy. Sometimes they're not worth ALL your money, sometimes the item is the perfect amount of quality and art. With this, I mean to tell you... save on what you want, splurge on what you need.

Young adult author, personal stylist and fashion obsessed. Carrie Bradshaw is my spirit animal, and just like many women in the early 2000's, this young girl dreams of New York and letters. I just do it with a smaller budget.

I study communications in Puerto Rico and hope to continue my career in and out of my beautiful island. I believe I will travel the world, acquire new fashion knowledge everywhere I go, and bring it back to my home land, to teach and to help others grow as I will keep doing so.

Also, to have "THE LEGEND" as my instagram bio as Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele does is a BIG life goal. She's the real one though, I'm faux.

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