These are the bags we'll be seeing on everyone's shoulder this New Year

January 05, 2021
Handbag popularity has significantly increased ever since Bottega Veneta came out with their almost 3k dumpling pouch. To be fair, handbags have always been an "it" item for a wardrobe, but if you combine social media, influencers and a great campaign these days, popularity will skyrocket. 

We're used to seeing "It" bags come and go from the spotlight, take the Jacquemus "Le Chiquito" and the Dior Saddle bag with the reimagined "Oblique" print. Of course the interest in the classics such as the Fendi "baguette" and the Louis Vuitton "Speedy" has prevailed, but when it comes to the real main-characters of 2021, we've gathered a list.

Treasures NYC

  1. The return of the "90s" – These vintage inspired    bags will be all over the place on the New Year; 
from the remake of the iconic Gucci "Jacky" to 
the Fendi "Baguette", these styles are definitely 
back in fashion, and we suggest locating your nearest vintage store to get one.

2. Carryalls – From a busy day at work to a supermarket run, an oversized bag is both a necessity and a fashion statement in 2021. We suggest the always-sold-out Telfar bag in one of their many interesting color choices. (When buying a Telfar, remember to purchase from and not the resellers, even if you have to wait a little, it is worth it.)
If you're more of a seasonal gal, this Spring/Summer season knitted carryalls will be all the rage.

Eleanor Wilkinson

      3. Practicality calls – Utility belts and water-bottle holders. These bags are the excuse to leave
 all your baggage home and carry only your must-haves (to the contrary of the trend above), but that's fashion you you.
 It's both ends of the rope or nothing.

4. Colors of Nature – Bright colors are always a Spring staple, but this year Versace brought Spring-Bright to a new level. Styling your Spring wardrobe won't be so difficult if you have new bright bags of the season, we assure they'll look good with everything you already own.

5. Quilting Season – Quilting is no longer a thing of cold Winters, with the new colors and shapes of the quilted bags we'll be sure to keep them 

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