The 7 shoe trends you'll wear in 2021, according to Instagram's hottest stores

January 02, 2021

The second hottest trend this year will be on your feet (here's the first trend you'll be noticing, though).  Thanks to Instagram's new updates we've been seeing a lot of new small businesses rise to the top of the algorithm. Good for them, bad for my wallet. 

For this 7 days of 7 trends series, we've gathered the shoes you'll be sure to be wearing all through 2021.

1. Eytys Gaia Boot

The real life Barbie boot, you'll be seeing her from influencers to street style stars. 

2. Miista's Stephanie Ocean Leather Sandals

The ultimate cool girl sandal

3.  ZigZag Goods one-of-a-kind hand painted boots

These are the boots for the funky girl in your life

4. Quanticlo's Loly

Quanticlo has become the baddie shoe store, and they're not going anywhere.

5. Nodaleto's Bulla Babies

These girls are taking over HFT and they'll take over all our feeds soon, too. They're coming out with more sizes and colors on 2021.

6. Suzanne Rae's Double Mary Janes


Mary Janes never go out of fashion, but this year they're the jackpot we all want to hit.

7. Shop Peche's Two Tones "Malo" loafers


Loafers were the influencer approved trend this fall, and this year the trend will go on.

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