A list of small Black Businesses you should be buying from

June 12, 2020
As we come together and make a stand against racism and discrimination, we must also know that the way we spend our money has a lot to say about us. My name on this platform has encouraged saving money and spending it only when you find the items of your dreams. 

During my years viewing the fashion industry as a spectator, and the years I've had the honor of working in it, I've realized one thing, not amount of token Black People and other POC the fashion industry hires now will be enough to fill the hole it's caved on many self-esteems. We need to hire with intention to really change, show up with purpose, support with courage.

If you really love fashion, you're gonna want it to change. 

This is why, in this article you'll be able to redirect your money to some of my favorite Small Black Businesses, in an effort to support Black fashion and beauty businesses 

- CBAAF: With their clothes being made of already recycled cotton and hand-dyed, it's safe to say you
 must check out their latest launch.

- HANIFA: Not only did this label and designer shock the world, but she made it possible for many to see the possibilities of fashion combined with technology. A black woman did that. Believe it. Hanifa was recently signed to The Hinton Group.

- Sincerely, Tommy: A concept store with a dreamy website. Focusing on women's clothing with a minimal and elegant touch to them.

- EDAS: This accessories brand is for the chic fashion addict. They sell from bags to home decor, everything with a little funk to it.

- Christopher John Rogers: This one hits close to home, I had the honor of finding this designer a couple of weeks back through Teen Vogue's Beauty and Fashion Editor Michelle Li posted a picture wearing a stunning Bright Pink top and skirt set. I automatically fell in love with the big shapes and the exquisite color choices from the designer. It was an immediate follow and DM, I had to say something. You can find him online exclusively at Net-a-Porter and in-store at 

- KNC Beauty: Influencers love it, so I bought it. I'm waiting on my order but I can say one thing: The branding is to die for. This is a skincare line that focuses on lip care, including lip scrubs and masks... I'm sure you've seen them everywhere lately!

- Sencilla: This Afrolatina owned business is the future of second-hand clothing. Alejandra repurposes second-hand clothing and paints her art on top of them, allowing the pieces a second chance at life. She also carries accessories, and to top it all off: she's a kick-ass muralist.

- Me-Mosas: A lingerie service that it is as easy as sipping down your mimosa at brunch. You fill the form on her instagram profile and then she begins her search of your instagram feed, finding out who you are, what you like and what you wear. Then, she will make a package filled with lingerie inspired by you.

- House of Aama: This Los Angeles based mother-daughter duo make their clothing inspired by Black Experiences based on historical research and storytelling. Their clothing resembles the stories of Black people through history.

- Koi Footwear: This footwear store creates the edge representative of Gen-Z seem approachable. With attention-grabbing footwear and shoe accessories, it may be hard to be sustainable, but they have pledge their products to be 100% vegan and are on the path to become a more sustainable shop.

I hope that you will take into consideration investing in these businesses. Visit their websites, talk about them, share their names. Black Businesses are at a very vulnerable point, big corporations take small businesses ideas all the time, which is what causes these small businesses to go out of business. 

I've been reading so many posts these days, and one of them really stood out to me: 
"Where you spend your money may ultimately support a cause you don't believe in." 
So let's make our money count.

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