The unexpected Street Style trend that will take over the summer

April 09, 2020
We've seen the athleisure trend come and go again for many of the fashion seasons, from yoga pants to the "dad" sneaker, yet they always seem to flop sometime between Fashion Weeks. Now, that we've put the biker shorts trend behind us, we're ready for another branch of athleisure: the running short.

You might've seen it it in different Street Style stars, but it's been more noticeable specially in our Copenhagen SS19 and SS20 Street Style reports. No, I wasn't there... but website searches exist and so I did my thing. Will Copenhagen be the new capital of fashion? Or is it also a trend?

Funny enough... when you google (or Pinterest) this trend, you'll mostly find biker shorts or leggings. This trend is fresh, so you're welcome for the update.

Yes... maybe we've seen this before. SO WHAT? Fashion is cyclical, and not in the way most of us wish it were.

These are the many other times we've seen this unexpected trend, where to get it and how to style it.

From the personal-style queen to our Street Style stars we’ve seen this trend all over.

This trend isn't just got to run from the gym to your house, it's been fashioned to wear it from your Sunday brunch to your quick cameo appearance at the latest Fashion Week show.

As demonstrated by...

A post shared by Emili Sindlev (@emilisindlev) on

A good Scandi trend isn't complete without Emily Sindlev, the mother of running shorts.

When we talk about fresh trends, there’s many-a-trends people don’t seem as wearable. Wearability in a trend is what decides whether it sticks or it doesn’t. Running shorts are never going away… but will they stay in fashion?
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