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February 24, 2020
I fell in love with the city, it was a love that left me empty as soon as I got on the plane to leave. The people, the fashion and even the metro… I might be romanticizing a city that everyone has a twisted relationship with. Could it be that of my tourist brain or could it be possible that I am a city girl at heart? 

Not sure which one is true, all I know is that my life will never be the same after visiting the city or at the risk of sounding the most cliché… the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

Because I can’t let go of the city, I have gathered all the looks I wore to New York Fashion Week and the links so you too, can rock them!

My first look was the Frankie Shop Linda boilersuit via Net-A-Porter's winter sale. I waited until the very last moment to order this, and I got it in exactly three days, which is insane if you think about the fact that they were on the very peak of their sale season.

I wore this for the Concept Korea show on the first day of NYFW, and a lot of fashion photographers loved the look. 

This cow-inspired look that was the second outfit I wore to Fashion Week, was completely from ViceVersa, a consignment store based in Puerto Rico that has given me the honor of owning my first big brand names such as Louis Vuitton, Céline and Moschino, which I’m wearing on the images. 

I wore this to the Vero Díaz fashion show, which was an amazing presentation inspired by the retro fashion of the 70s and its music. This Mexican designer’s first time presenting at New York Fashion Week was a success, and I exercised my need to wear my favorite print I packed for my trip to the city to her show.

The third look (and a follower favorite) was the Latiste orange tie-dye suit. I wore this for the Rebecca Minkoff presentation and for the Prince George Ballroom shows presented by Fashion Gallery.

Funny story about this look, as soon as I landed from our trip to a cruise in the Caribbeans, I bought this suit because I knew it would be a Fashion Week Sensation. AND IT WAS! So many people loved it. But most importantly, I felt incredibly comfortable wearing it, almost as if I was wearing a second skin.

Ganni has been one of my favorite labels for some time now. When I decided to wear this look my first couple of thoughts were based on the fact that I had worn so many of those items before. The mesh turtleneck and the Off—White tote bag are a follower favorite, the bag has her own name and all. So many times I thought those items weren’t worthy of Fashion Week because they had been worn before… oh — was I wrong!

I wore this look to the Nicole Miller show and I fit right in. The 70s vibes and the Rock & Roll style made me feel like I could walk the runway. This look was definitely my favorite look from NYFW. I feel like I represented myself and he way I want to be seen, which is always important wether you’re at Fashion Week or not.

This last look… my first ever ever gift from an NYC based brand. One of my favorite Fashion Week tips is to schedule pulls from different companies so you can wear different looks and not have to buy them all, you also schedule the day you’ll be giving it back, as it is borrowed but this time they allowed me to stay with it. 

As I’ve mentioned previously, you don’t have to break the bank to look good.  I’m wearing this gifted Kolbi Halperin blazer and shirt dress, styled with an Alexander McQueen scarf over the shirt-dress and under the blazer, with Nordstrom tights and Zara boots. To top it off, I’m holding a vintage Louis Vuitton duffle bag that I got from ViceVersa, a local consignment store.

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