The ONLY 10 Items You Need In Your Wardrobe

November 24, 2019
The internet can sometimes seem like a deep dark hole, and at some point during the night, we often end up not knowing what to browse for, so, what’s the next step? ONLINE SHOPPING! 

Believe it or not, these late-night encounters with our credit card can often times turn out to be some of those “UGH, I have nothing to wear!’’ days. We buy, because we can. That mentality is critical, specially these times when our earth needs us most. 

Which is why, I have scouted the web for 10 key pieces every fashion it-girl will keep in use forever. 

The PERFECT white t-shirt:

For the girl who wants it all (to be put together and be comfortable), white tes are the perfect closet staple. I have a couple variations of the white t-shirt, some with graphics, some cropped, and others… with a very padded shoulder. I’ll be honest, I’m not all about the basics, I like my statements and conversation starters, which is why, at the end of the day, my white tees are bold (pun intended)     
Photo: The Frankie Shop. | SIMILAR HERE 

The Skinny Jean

With the rise of the "Mom Jean" came the decrease in the "Skinny Jean" trend. I, in the other hand, still kept, but never wore my skinnies. However, I do believe these masterpieces are made for all, and could save us from the statement top with hardly any bottoms to pair it with. Truthfully, I have turned out to be a big jean wearer, so this is an investment for me.

These are the Danielle Jeans x Joe's Jeans | SIMILAR HERE 

Little Black Dress

We all need one, yet, is one of the hardest pieces to find. Why? Because we need it to fit perfectly depending on: the occasion, time of the day and possibly, time of the year. To be classified as a LBD, the dress must be timeless and above the knee. Timeless is purely a suggestion, but don't fall for every LBD trend.


I can assure you the best LBDs in the market, the ones that are truly timeless, don't necessarily need to be from the most recognized fashion houses. 

Wide-Leg Trousers

Let's just say that even though I do love jeans, wide-leg pants make the biggest difference for me. I have always had a hard time getting pants to fit me well, so I decided that I was going to start buying them a couple (exactly 2) sizes larger, so they would fit my hips and legs the way I needed them to, and then, get them tailored. Later I'd come to realize, I would never take my pants to the tailor.

When I bought these "Wide-Fit Curved Jeans" my life changed. Granted, I bought them two sizes larger, but I DID get these tailored because the textile, the fit and the feel were too good not to.

I recommend them to everyone. These are officially the pants you can take from the office to the club.

The Boots Were Made for Walkin'

I have these. My friends have these. My grandma will very possibly like them enough to take them from me, so... you'll want them. These were LITERALLY made for walkin' that walk. These chunky boots have passed my heavy commuter test.

Boots from Zara | SIMILAR HERE

The Viral Cardi

We all saw it, we all wanted to live it. The viral Katie Holmes cashmere cardigan moment was an iconic time for fashionistas this 2019. Now that's all we can see on Instagram, but for a good reason. I sincerely hope this viral moment reminded you all (as it did me) that having a good quality cardigan in our closet, can help us become the fashion it-girl we all dreamed of becoming.

Cardigan Khatie | SIMILAR HERE

We all need a BUTTON UP

Whether we mean bottoms up or job interview, we all need one. While is not necessary for neither of the afore mentioned, to have them in your wardrobe sends you a couple of years into adulthood. No matter what it is you're imagining it for, you need a basic button-up in your closet.



Listen, I'm all about statement pieces. You've heard that before. I like it when my outfit does all the talking for me, specially accessories like belts. There's a small collection of belts at home but it's mostly because I couldn't ever find the right one, until I found this one.

The secret to the perfect belt is simple, you find the color that feels more like you, almost like a color palette that describes you. For me, it's brown, but for a statement, it's bright red with golden letters. What a turn of events. But for you, it could be a belt that you can wear with multiple outfits, combine with shoes or accessories, a belt that could possibly go with the style you want to portray yourself with... BELTS COULD SAVE AN OUTFIT, and it all depends on you!

Blazed Up Blazer

It's the new trend, every fashion person's new obsession. Even though the blazer should've been in our closet for a long time now, fashion has made obvious what we all thought we knew: blazers make EVERYTHING better. Jeans, tight tops, dresses... ANYTHING. And I'm here for it.


The PERFECT Jean Jacket

It's not that I'm very specific of what I wear (but I am). It's just that when it comes to jean jackets they can't be: too tight, too loose, too big... they have to be JUST right. The right way to wear a jean jacket, is "borrowing" it from your boyfriend's closet. It fits just right. However, I know some people who don't get the luxury of boyfriend-a-borrow, therefore I decided that the perfect fit for a jean jacket is to size-up one size, for the perfect length and oversized-ness, (this has been scientifically tested by me, a non-science person) but this of course, depends on how your feeling that morning.

 Jean Jacket Alexander McQueen SS18 | SIMILAR HERE

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