After My First-Ever Visit To Glossier... Is It Worth It?

July 01, 2019
You guys asked for it, and I'm delivering: My first-ever visit at the trendiest beauty shop of our age: GLOSSIER!

Some of you saw my instagram story where I snapped some pictures of the store and automatically fell in love and asked me to write about my experience. Can't really deny that I had my doubts about writing it for a second there, and then you guys pulled me back into reality: I NEEDED TO WRITE IT! Why? Well, first and foremost... I wanted you guys to realize on your own terms if it was worth the visit or if waiting outside in a long line for people to leave the store was something you wanted to do in your near-future.

So... let me open up to you.

Melrose Ave was probably not the nicest place I've ever been to, so there's that... but the fact that you look at Glossier and it has a godly light shining upon the store sign was what we needed to walk in. Therefore, we did. 

Note: We went on a week-day during work/school hours, we thought the store would be nearly empty... it wasn't! But that didn't mean that we couldn't walk in, there wasn't the long line I'd seen on social media before, but the store was definitely NOT empty.

Now, the employees: NICEST people in all of Melrose Ave. I wanted to take them all home and hug them. Their uniform is a light pink Boiler Suit, are you kidding? I fell in love.

Inside, they have this canyon-like photo-op experience that is TO DIE FOR (photographed above). You can experiment with photography while choosing what you'll take home. In my case: I only took home a Mango Balm, because to be pretty honest: the amount of people in such a small store gave me BAD anxiety and I wanted to leave.

The staff was perfect, the store... beautiful, except for its size. The only bad thing I have to say about Glossier: the stores are way too small for the hype and A+ products they know they have. 

Strategy? I believe so! 

But as for now, I will be shopping online... but mainly because we don't have a Glossier in Puerto Rico just yet. 
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