Why Being a Creative Takes Courage

June 19, 2019
Being pretty honest with you guys... being a creative in a space that is constantly trying to lock in your creativity, or a space that hears your ideas just to plagiarize them, WILL drain you.

I recently watched Brené Brown’s Netflix special where she talks about vulnerability and courage (no, seriously, if you haven’t seen this masterpiece yet, do so NOW), and I realized how courageous I’ve had to be ever since I decided I wanted to be a creative in the fashion industry. Ever since the very moment I said “let’s get to it” I haven’t stopped having to be vulnerable, therefore, I haven’t stopped being courageous.

Being a creative (or a creator) takes courage, not only because you’re gonna be face to face with failure, as Brené mentions... but because the hurt that comed with those failures isn’t only carrier-centered. Your heart is gonna break, and it’s gonna take a lot of courage and vulnerability to turn that heartache into content. Creative, geniuine and beautiful content. That is what comes with all the struggle, and that’s why being a creative takes courage.

One of my favorite life lessons I learnt from that Netflix special was: The key to success is in courage, and that can only come from a vulnerable place.

To you, my dear creative reading this: stay vulnerable, that’s your key.

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