How I Packed 10 Days in a Carry-On (Without overpacking)

June 24, 2019
A lot of people have asked me the obvious: "How are you going to manage to pack 10 days in a carry-on?" and to be honest... I didn't know either. I just did what seemed right to me. So I thought, if it doesn't seem impossible to me, maybe I'll be able to open someone's eyes today.

I'll be the first one to admit, choosing what to take for 10 days in a carry-on suitcase sounds pretty much like taking the final exam of a class you hate: DI-FFI-CULT. Therefore, I'm here to help your worried little brain get it together.

The first thing I did to get my suitcase together, was realize that I DID NOT need 10 outfits for 10 different days. Why? Mainly because 1 1/2 of those days I'll be in a plane, and the other days IT'S OKAY to repeat outfits.When you do repeat the outfits, make sure they are a couple of days apart so your mind doesn't trick you into thinking you did it wrong.

(Favorite outfit I repeated: Lisa Thon Scuba Dress - Los Angeles, CA)

On that note: Repeating outfits is WAY more comfortable when you have tons of accessories to change the look, as I did. I always say that the easiest way to be a light packer is to be a heavy-packer on things that matter: like accessories.

Another great tip to avoid overpacking on my trip to L.A. was to plan out my outfits. I know... SHOCKER, right? Not at all. We all "plan" our outfits in our minds before a trip, BUT I do have a website where I build my outfits for every trip I go on. It's a better way to put together the outfits and it helps you realize if you need to go do some shopping before hand.

The app is, the other I use that's almost exactly the same is, these apps help me put a visual together of all the looks I'm planning to take. On of my favorite parts of using these apps/websites is that I can see how many of my pieces match each other, so I know how to repeat each one without wearing the same look.

My one tip that I could never forget: KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING. That is a big step for knowing what top pack. Packing is really just like going on a surprise date: JUST TELL ME THE DRESS CODE! I need to be prepared for all the scenarios, and that's why we all over-pack. The easiest way to avoid this is to at least have an idea of where you're going or the places around it.

In the note of knowing where you're going: Also know if you'll need to change multiple times during the day. In that case, wear comfortable "party pants" and just change the top, for example:

That's when the "possible occasion" clothing comes in, and for that, all you need is these three:

- Possible party pants (White culotte recommended)
- Possible party top (Mesh tops are always a safe bet)
- Space in your carry-on

This last one, because in case you're not feeling your outfit, you can always get some new items wherever you're traveling to... because if you're reading this, there will probably be a mall at your destination.

One last tip to pack for your long trip using a carry-on suitcase is, according to my boyfriend (and honestly, the best advice I've ever been told) check your luggage right before you close it, to make sure you have at least three (he said "a couple" but I said three so that's what matters) outfits together, and make sure that most of the pieces you have go well with each other. Y'know, just in case you have one of those "I ain't feeling myself" days on the trip. You have more options that way.

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