May 29, 2019
I'm absolutely sure we've covered my writing, but... have I covered YOUR reading? I think not, and I'm about to put you up to it!

Reading is one of the most powerful ways to learn. Reading about fashion? My very favorite. Here I have 5 books I absolutely cannot live without... and to make it profesh... I even made a list and sectioned them so you can read this blogpost the simplest way.

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(I may have sponsored links attached to some of the books, therefore, I may be receiving revenue for your purchase)

Fashion Info Books:

For those of you who would love to know about the composition, making and history of fashion... there is no better website to find your needs than Fashionary.org. I honestly love how simple it is to just go and get the (sketch)book you need along with other fashion treasures, and I got two of the books I've learnt the most from, from there! 

1. Fashionpedia (The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design) 

This book I specifically use to reference clothing on my every-day life. Because of its extraordinary way of explaining the history, the making and the names of fashion's most iconic pieces, I can honestly say I've learned more than I could ever expect from a book. 

2. The Lives of 50 Fashion Legends: The Visual Biographies of The World's Greatest Designers

Okay y'all... this book is for the history junkie that also likes gossip. I love how this book is written. I ADORE the visuals and most importantly... I love the way this book makes me feel as if I lived the designers' lives with them. I can understand it. This books speaks my learning language. (Sad disclaimer: It is not updated as of the recent death of Karl Lagerfeld)

Written by Bloggers:

Okay so this might just be my favorite section to write, why? OH- because I am a blogger dreaming of someday becoming a NYT best seller author, no biggie! These two books are such a breeze to read. They're an easy task to complete, and so well written. (Not that I expected anything else from these two!)

1.  World of Style by Aimee Song

This book, though it's big, it's the easiest read EVER! If you've known Aimee Song and her blog Song of Style, you're gonna want to eat this baby UP! On World of Style, Aimee talks about her story, her beginnings... and most importantly, her favorite travels + all the gorgeous outfits she wore to those. So you might want to pick this up to read before you pack your next vacation!

2. El Método Armario Cápsula por Saray Martin

This book is in Spanish, but I do believe that even if you can't understand the language, you will fall in love with this book. The graphics are pretty self-explanatory so there isn't really that much to read. This book talks about the importance of keeping your closet neat and organized and throwing out all the unecessary things you've bought (sell it or donate it, though! Don't trash clothing that can still be salvaged, just don't keep it in your closet). It is so well explained that I'm already driving my life up that road.


I'm personally not a huge fan of "designer books" because they're extremely overpriced for information you could get more extensively online... BUT when I saw this book at Casa Norberto I knew I had to get it. It was too beautiful to let go of and the pictures in it told me all I needed to hear -I bought it and I've learnt SO much of the history of this brand and I ended up eating up my own words.

1. Balenciaga in Black

The main reason this book stole my heart: The graphics. It shows the way the most iconic Balenciaga dresses were made and all their patterns. Their most iconic only. Balenciaga in Black. All I can say.

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