Our Favorite Designer Just Went Basic

April 10, 2019
Hi Budget Cuties!

Don't we all dream in Rosie Assoulin's colors when we go to sleep? I know I do! But let's be real... we can't wear those to everyday occasions... I mean... we CAN when we live in paradise, but we got to be a little more realistic and know that we'd rather wear basics on a day to day basis. 
(We're not gonna call them basic, but you'll see)

Well, as part of the new section of the blog High-End Budget, I can proudly say that our favorite colorful designer just went BASIC, and what a perfect way to do so! These pieces still carry her name all over, that's a basic piece I want to be seen in.

Here's a peak at Rosie and her husband, Max's new line "By any Other Name", the New York based line that's gonna dress our everyday now. Thank you Rosie, for changing the basic game.

Spring collection available now on By Any OTHER NAME

(Oh, and the ship to Puerto Rico!)

Photography by Natalie O'Moore

Styled by Gabriella Karefa-Johnson

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