How to craft the perfect lazy girl outfit

April 16, 2019
Hi budget cuties!

I want you to know what I wear on a lazy day... yeah, you know! Those days when you just don't want to get dressed but you still have to look like you put effort into your outfit. Girl, I know. Those days you work an early shift, the days you gotta meet your girls for brunch or lunch... you don't necessarily want to, but you have to. Therefore... I present to you the EASIEST 

Lazy day outfit

One of the things I love the most about this outfit is how put together you look, but you just grabbed a cute top and shorts... then styled it.

The recipe is really simple (because you know I CANNOT cook). You grab a trendy top from Moda Gallery, and pair it with basic shorts. Oh, the spices... you ask? Of course you can't cook a bland meal. 

The spices are: 

2 spoons of puffy sleeves on the top (or the trend that suits you the most)
1 tablespoon of jewelry, though I prefer half a cup on most days, but today, I'm lazy
1/2 stick of a statement accessory... to fully spice things up. 

You don't look lazy anymore, you're welcome.

Photography by: Angel Giusti

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