Battling Insecurities Through Fashion

April 04, 2019
Hi budget cuties!

If you follow me on instagram you know I've recently been very vocal about my mental health and my confidence problems. I fell so hard on the modality of comparing my life to other's that it wasn't a healthy habit. I'm surprised I let it go this far.

Now, I wear one of my favorite accessories and run the world with it. Belts. The best way to get over my insecurities was to find an article of clothing I loved, multiplied it in my closet and wore it constantly. No, it doesn't necessarily mean that I'll constantly be wearing belts (even though, yes, I am). It means that I found something I loved and held on to it. 

If you didn't get it yet, I'll spell it out: find something you LOVE about yourself and apply it to the rest of you. Find small, simple ways to add on to what you don't like and turn it around. I'm still a work in progress, but I am setting an example for the girl in the mirror every-single-day.

In these pictures: Manifesting most things I'm insecure about. My face, my abdomen, and my little lemons.

Photography by: Angel Giusti

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