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July 27, 2018
Hi Budget Cuties!

Today's post is a little different, I'm gonna be talking about something super exciting for me. SKINCARE! I used to be so careless with my skin until I started noticing different spots that wouldn't go away, my pores getting larger and larger and greasiness I just wasn't comfortable with. A couple of weeks ago I got a package from DOT Communications and L'Oreal Paris PR that had their amazing Pure-Sugar Scrubs and a bit after I received another package that contained their Pure-Clay Masks, and I thought "BINGO" new products to try on my skin and see what I can do about my skin problems
I know most of you would say: "Well, go to a dermatologist" but I'm a college girl that currently lives alone in a dorm room and I hardly make general appointments so please don't expect me to do much... I'm terrified, but getting better at it.

So today I have a review on the Pure - Sugar Scrubs and how I use those products and where YOU, my beloved Budget Cutie, can get them:

Pure-Sugar Scrubs (Up to down) Grapeseed, Kiwi, Cocoa

  Pure - Sugar Kiwi Scrub

After I wash my face with my Pure-Clay Daily Eucalyptus Cleanser, I use my absolute favorite Pure-Sugar scrub, well... all of them are awesome, but this one features my favorite fruit AND it purifies and unclogs my pores. I can honestly say that this scrub has worked wonders for my skin. I've had it for a couple of weeks and this is the one scrub I use 3x a week and my face feels so clean and lightweight after I use it. 

{ It is recommended to use these scrubs while the face is dry, for better exfoliation, so I have followed the expert's advice and my skin is living proof of the wonders these scrubs have worked }

Pure - Sugar Cocoa Scrub

Okay, first things first (RIP Uncle Phill...?) no but I mean... look at the aesthetic for this picture! *inserting tons of heart eye emojis*. Anyways, this scrub I can use once or twice a week, because my face is oily AF and I need to be careful BUT this is such a good coconut oil based scrub! It's not too heavy on the face and the smell... let me tell y'all about the smell, Willy Wonka who? I use this scrub when I've roughened up my face with makeup for quite some time, specially the nights after events because I tend to put on SO much product on my face, and it leaves my skin as soft as a baby's butt!

Pure - Sugar Grapeseed Scrub

I'm gonna start off by saying that this is not my favorite scrub in the world, but that's ONLY because the smell is really strong and I'm not that big on the smell of grapeseed, everything else about this scrub is beyond amazing. This is the most "scrubby" of the Pure-Sugar collection, because the beads...? are larger and I do feel like they penetrate (but not hurt) your skin better for the results that it's going for.

This is a scrub I can definitely use more than once a week, but I rather use it those weeks I have events and I need my face to look as healthy and glowy as possible, because that's this scrubs's specialty... it smooths out your face and makes it glow (on all the right parts, unlike my oily AF skin, which this scrub also helps me with).

All these scrubs you can get at your preferred drugstore, and YES, they are very inexpensive for the quality and the amount of product you get. $12.99 at drugstores AND online.

Photocreds: Angel Giusti (giusti15)

You can see the results of the scrubs on my face by clicking HERE!
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