The Must-Know brands I'm buying from all 2021

January 04, 2021

1. a general direction in which something is developing or changing.
"an upward trend in sales and profit margins"

2. change or develop in a general direction.
"unemployment has been trending upward"

3. (of a topic) be the subject of many posts on a social media website within a short period of time.
"I've just taken a quick look at what's trending on Twitter right now"

Trends aren't always dresses, shoes, and colors. A lot of the time trends don't even have anything to do with fashion. In this case, the trends presented are brands that had a clear spotlight in 2020, and we're forecasting they'll keep it through the New Year. Online stores that caught our attention on Instagram and lured us into making a purchase, or at least into saving enough money that we feel compelled to add to cart. These are some of Social Media's Must-Know online stores for 2021.

1. Tyler McGillivany – This designer and assistant designer, Tyler and Samatha, focus on wearable art.The collections are inspired by funky prints, loud colors and versatile textiles and silhouettes. They've gathered a big social media audience with their interesting editorials and inspiring fashion enthusiasts to dress colorfully despite the hardships of the past year.


2. K.Ngsley
– A black, queer brand that promotes gender fluidity. The designer, Kinglsey has made quite the social media stir with his first launch, Collection 0: BQ Essentials. Creative Haylee Ahumada was amongst the first to post about the brand, adding to the list Alyssa (last name) and even former Repeller writer and fashion-guru, Harling Ross. K.Ngsley has since launched other gender-fluid shapes that are soon to break the internet.


3. APOC Store
– Curated fashion and art space that carries designers from around the world. Their focus point is creativity first, selling second. Their new e-commerce design allows creatives to have the space to  sell, without compromising an art form they're proud of.


4. Orseund Iris
– The silky silhouettes, classy neutral choices and casual-cool look did a number all over social media. Founder of Orseünd Iris, Alana Johnson, is the embodiment of casual-chic style, and she carries her style over to her web-store, with the (non)basic items we all want in our closet. The collections are right up the capsule-closet-but-make-it-interesting alley and all of Instagram is here for it.


5. Rebecca Store
–  They actually have a physical location in Berlin, however, their online store seems to always have great deals of the most coveted designers of the season. Director of Fashion Office & Merchandising at Barney's NY, Michal Kurtis, has made a point to let us know the many great pieces they carry in their store and website.


6. Fe Noel
– With a passion for travel, Felicia "Fe" Noel has gathered her knowledge and mixed it with her wonderfully printed and colorful clothing. This brand focuses on comfortable fashion without compromising quality and style. This is the brand for trendsetters with a taste for colors and prints.


7. Busted Shop
– This is the ultimate brand to turn to when you want to feel like you can do it all, because you actually can. Busted Shop has all their items handcrafted ands made-to-order, in case you needed to feel special in a sexy patent leather dress. One of the favorites from the website are the "Panty" pants, which are essentially the perfect straight leg patent pants, and the "Holly" dress, which is the one you'd wear to a hot Valentine's Day date.

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