Prints and Patterns everyone will be wearing in 2021

January 15, 2021

 When it comes to prints and patterns, Spring is the time to break them out of your closet. New Prada did an exceptional job at showing us some of the prints and patterns we will see during this new year, specially since Raf Simons joined Miuccia Prada as a co-creative director of the brand. 

Abstract prints and strong color combinations is a personal hypothesis for what we'll be seeing in the seasons to come. 

1. Vintage Style Prints

The summer hats of 2020 were a clear foreshadow of this trend to come. Dodo Bar Or offered us this wonderful print in the form of a cotton-voile midi dress and the perfect vintage-cut swimsuits.  The silhouettes and prints of the entire summer 2021. Write that down.

Dodo Bar Or Resort 2021

2. Art Edit

Christopher Kane made a point in his Spring 2021 collection when he decided to dress model Grace Quaye in his one-of-a-kind lockdown creations. These art edits were a big part of many designer's quarantine activities just to get through isolation, we forecast a fashion trend will rise from it.

Christopher Kane RTW SS21

3. Tie Dye

Another lockdown creation, Tie Dye will show her face this year. However, fashion designers and big brands took a hint, and it seems we won't be DIYing these items for much longer.

Tom Ford SS21

4. Abstract

As previously mentioned, Prada set the print trend for 2021 – abstracts! Raf and Miuccia make the perfect team for younger-looking-power-silhouettes and abstract prints offer the best of both world when it comes to looking put-together and extremely chic at the same time.

Prada SS21 

Prada FW 1996

5. Patch Work

Updated patchwork is the trend we seem to have been waiting for. This trend is easily DIYable, and older fabrics, prints and patterns could be used to make this trend a bit more sustainable, avoiding throwing out pieces of textiles that are not being used anymore. 

Rua Carlota via Instagram

Matty Bovan SS21

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