These will be the IT colors of 2021, and this is how to wear them

January 01, 2021

The trends we foresaw for 2020 were replaced by sweatsuits and socks for a comfortable WFH experience. This year however, not much has changed but the trends we saw through Digital Fashion Shows in the past seasons give us a sense of hope and allow us to look forward to wearing them soon.

After many early mornings and late nights analyzing all the video footage from various Fashion Presentations from New York to Paris, it is safe to say there definitely is a color pattern the fashion know-it-alls want us to follow for this New Year.

1. Fuchsia

We knew from the moment Jacquemus came out with that wonderful Le Coup de Soleil show that magenta was going to be the "it" color for many more seasons to come.

Stylist tip: Wear this color top for a Zoom meeting so everyone forgets you're wearing sweatpants from the waist down.

Vogue Runway
Cecilie Bahnsen SS21

2. Soft Yellow

"Stick of Butter" has been a thing since former Repeller writer, Harling Ross created it, and now finally the catwalk is catching on.

Stylist tip: You can't go wrong with a monochromatic look in this color, top it off with with two toned jewelry.

Vogue Runway
Jil Sander Pre-Fall 21 - Look 8

3. Tangerine

Tangerine is one of those colors that everyone looks good in. With a small pop-of-color or a full on gown, this year is the year you bring out your Sunny-D inspired look.

Stylist tip: Blue chunky earrings, anyone?

Vogue Runway
Christopher John Rogers SS21 - Look 10 

4. Turquoise 

This year we're moving away from neutrals in the trend scenario, but we're keeping it earthy tones. No better color to honor Mother Earth than with a flowy turquoise.

Stylist tip: A maxi dress in this color can make you look like royalty.


5. Jungle Green

On the topic of Earthy tones, the Jungle Green trend was a showstopper this season in the Bottega Veneta SS21 show.

Stylist tip: Pair with deep blue and bubblegum pink tones for an unexpected ensemble.

Vogue Runway
Bottega Veneta SS21 - Look 1

6. Strong Purple

Not quite lavender like the past few seasons, this New Year calls for a stronger shade of purple.

Stylist tip: Faux leather makes this intense shade feel more intimidating, but give it a chance. Intimidating doesn't mean unwearable.

Nº21 SS21

7. Sophisticated Black

Peter Do broke the news, we just follow along. A sophisticated black shade looks polished in any silhouette and cut, not necessarily to be worn only on special occasions or a sexy date night. The right shade of black could be made into a uniform, Steve Jobs' turtleneck style.

Stylist tip: Wear only shades of black and textiles that match each other for the complete put-together look.

Vogue Runway
Peter Do SS21

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