KHAITE SPRING 2021 - The Virtual Experience

September 16, 2020

Words that usually describe a Spring/Summer Fashion Show: Magical, serene, cheerful, colorful... all with an upbeat connotation. None of these words described the KHAITE Spring 2021 Online Experience. 

Confronting, tempting, daring, thrilling; these words seem to be a better fit.

As we all suddenly prepare for a more virtually-dependent lifestyle, Fashion Week continues steps ahead, preparing us for what seems to be the future of the Fashion Industry. Even before the pandemic some designers were in the talks to reduce their anual shows and allow space for creativity and rest to take place between "Fashion Seasons". The sustainability talks combined with the spread of the Coronavirus has pushed designers out of their comfort zones and allowed them to do what they do best, get creative. That was the case with Khaite.

As I prepared to log into my Khaite account to watch the early-access experience, I couldn't quite put into words what I was expecting. I however, I can say that as soon as I pressed play, the entire experience felt like watching the trailer of the next star-spangled Guillermo del Toro movie. A beautifully styled horror film. 

The ambiance felt moodier than Catherine Holstein's past shows, and at the same time, while I sat wrapped up in my blankets for the 9:00 A. M. show, it also felt cozy.

Photo via Khaite

Every shot with the shuttering lights was inviting, every pose of every model felt like they'd walk out of my screen.

The clothing felt real. Nowadays it's hard to relate to a show, hard to see yourself in the clothing the models wear, but not with this show, this one felt attainable. I wondered if it had something to do with the fact that in this moment in life, we're all collectively living one same fear, but for some reason it was possible to imagine more than the model wearing the garments.

Her signature wool was made into dresses with unexpected under-bust cutouts, and tulle also made an appearance in the form of a black "Samatha Skirt". As the show went on, the models wore the elegant yet revealing necklines that make a Khaite girl stand out in any crowd. Pleats and satin felt and looked wearable; the Trisha Dress in three shades agrees. This lookbook presented elegant corset constructions and delicate slits exquisitely. 

Leather made a breathtaking appearance in the shape of squared toe sandals, sling back heels and the item of every fall season made into the perfected kitten heel, boots. Timeless items are what Khaite represents, and the leather jacket that complemented the Spring online experience transports you 15 years into the future, where you can still see yourself wearing this garment. 

Reading the description of every item on the website allows for the viewer to understand what the collection was supposed to make you feel. Uncertainty. Fear. This Khaite collection confronts you with the unknown, the unseen, and it get your wardrobe ready whatever is to come.

Photo via Khaite

Photo via Khaite

Photo via Khaite

Photo via Khaite

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