December 03, 2019
I have been a fan of Lisa Thon’s masterpieces ever since I was a kid. Mostly because of the daring way she presents her collections and her stunning attention to detail, or her fearless way of teaching those generations who will grow up to talk about her work. 

It’s not an outreach to assume that wether you know about Lisa Thon’s work or this is your first time reading about it, you will most likely fall in love with her Spring/Summer 2020 collection: Spanish Lullaby. 

It started out as a Madonna-inspired collection, and it ended up also being presented in the first edition of Pasarela Latinoamericana in Spain, and the inspiration was shifted towards the cobblestoned streets of Madrid. One thing to be noted about Thon and her admirable team is, how quick they are, their incredible work-ethic and how in short periods of time, they’re still able to nail it each and every time.

When I got the invitation to her Spanish Lullaby show in Hotel La Concha Resort at San Juan, Puerto Rico, I knew I was in for a treat. 

From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with many industry faces, all smiling and waiting for the soon-to-be presented collection. As soon as the music started, the venue shifted, it was Lisa Thon’s floor now.

And then the show began...

From polkadots to faux-fur, everything screamed “I want it, NOW!” 

Photography by Angel Giusti

The crowd was graced with local celebrities walking the runway, such as  singer Ana Isabelle, who opened the show with a sheer polkadot dress.

Singer Ana Isabelle in a sheer Polkadot dress at the Lisa Thon SS20 runway

The dotted theme ran through the night, adding pops of bright colors such as blue, pink and green. A modern touch to the 80’s fashion statements as wide legs, big sleeves, statement necks, and see-through moments were part of the collection. 

But in all honesty, what amazed me the most, is how she portrayed Eurocentric inspiration and made it work for Latina women. The sexy cleavage, the less-than-conservative open backs, all representative of Latina women in red carpets.

Needless to say, a remarkable way to start a new decade of fashion

Look: Belle Du Jour
Shoes: Novus Shoes
Jewelry: Karola & Co.
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