November 05, 2019
I truly hate trends that won't leave space for newer trends to be born. BUT– I've opened up my heart to this specific trend, and let it carry on just for a bit longer, in the corners of my heart. The clear bag trend.

I can't help it. Not sure if it's the possibility of having the whole world see the mess I carry, or the chance that it might be my conversational-piece (and you and I both know I love to talk); but there's really something about these bags that makes me not want to stop thinking about them.

Could it be the recklessness of wearing something that could reveal all my secrets? It could very well be.

I've decided to show you my favorite Clear-Bag styles, where to get them, and how to wear them. Trust me, thy are #TBBApproved!

They will all be linked down below in the written order.

For the embarrassingly messy (or neat) girl on the go:

This is me, like I mentioned, my bags can get embarrassingly messy; however, I am one with my mess and like to carry a tote so it there's more room for it. You know, because I hardly care about what others may think of my perfectly messy bag. In this Ted Baker tote you can store an infinite amount of things. The size is perfect, the shape is unbelievably flattering for a tote, and it can carry weight (but... you know, try and be mindful?).

For the light packer:

Listen, you can only put so many things on this bag, but if that's what floats your hard-to-please boat, then this one is for you.

The one for a road trip to a gaming competition:

If you've been on the The Bold Budget radar for a while now, you know this past summer I went on a trip that had nothing to do with fashion, and everything to do with gaming. As we went to enter the Anaheim arena, we were told we couldn't go inside it without clear bags (because of the horrible shooting incidents that had occurred months prior to our visit), however, we were not allowed to just buy a bag and enter with ours empty. We had two choices, we either went back to our one-hour-away Airbnb and missed the game we went there to see, or we stayed at a walking-distance-from the arena hotel and left our stuff there. We chose the latter.

We spent so much money and I'm here to save you from that.
Choose this one if you don't know the rules for an event you'll be going to.

From the office to the bar:

Only wear this if your office doesn't require you bring your laptop and only your credit card and some lipstick. Good for a Sunday's best outfit #ootd, too.

Undercover messy gal:

If like myself, you're a messy gal, but you'd still like to keep up the appearance that you're not (not in a rude way, lol). I suggest you get this one. Helps with wearing the trend, but not with showing the mess. It's also cute and easy to handle.

For the casual stroll out in the park (or non-casual night-out):

Two words, functional-faction. This bag works as a statement piece for a night out, but it can also be worn as a "gotta-leave-I'm-late" look and still make sure you've got everything you need with you. It's casual, in the best way I can say the word.

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