The 3 Braided Hairstyles You Need To Try This Summer

April 22, 2019
Hi budget cuties!

This summer is all about protecting your hair. I need a lot of protection for my hair since I bleached and dyed it, because I honestly hate how it makes my ends look when the sun burns them just a little bit... and I may have found the perfect way to do so, (I'm very sure I did). I partnered with Blowbar to bring you:

 3 Braided Hairstyles You NEED To Try This Summer

Photography by Angel Giusti

Let me jut start off by saying Blowbar is one of my favorite places to do my hair. I like to feel at home when I go get my hair done, mostly because there's gonna be hair-touching and a couple of hours together... so why would I want to feel uncomfortable? I have it all at Blowbar: lovely girls who want to see you look amazing, pink walls and MIMOSAS! And, I leave looking great. What else could I ever ask for?

The Mermaid

All the Coachella Vibes

The Downtown

Our Tutorial Video:

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