November 12, 2018
Hi Budget cuties!

Puerto Rico has a never ending Summer, but for those days it does get chilly, our skin needs a little pick-me-up, that's why I decided to try D'Café Body Scrub "Orange Citrus", that includes in the ingredients almond oil to perfectly 
hydrate your skin. 

(Photos: Angel Giusti)

This body scrub is made up with ground coffee, making it easier to fight stretch marks (and even belly itch if you're pregnant!) and Orange Citrus which gives it that Vitamin C boost that we all need during Winter time, no matter if you're in Puerto Rico where hot weather is always present. Your skin can, too, get a little dull and this scrub is perfect to fight that dullness and give your skin that much needed glow.

Also, because this scrub is coffee based, it helps with the appearance of cellulite, and the constant use can help increase circulation, what else would you even want to ask for? A scrub that can help you look AND feel better? Count me in! 

I personally use this scrub to help me glow naturally, help with in-grown hairs and to feel more tight (use it after a work-out and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.)

One thing I love about this scrub is that it helps me feel so sexy and fresh. Whenever I use this scrub I automatically feel more connected to myself and the woman I want to become: sexy, independent, fearless and good-smelling. I love the smell of coffee in the morning, but somehow, I love it even more at night when I fall asleep with the smell of coffee all over my body, with an even brighter side, I feel softer than I have ever before.

Everything, from the smell, to the moisturized feeling I get when I use it... this is a MUST have scrub for the Holiday season, and even better... it's made with 100% Puerto Rican coffee. You can't miss it.

Try this and their other products here and support and Local Shop.

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