SKINCARE FAVORITES With L'Oréal Paris | Pure Clay Masks

August 07, 2018
Hi Budget Cuties!

Last week I talked to you guys about my newly found true love, the Pure-Sugar Scrubs L'Oreal and DOT Communications kindly sent me. Today, however, I will be talking to you guys about the masks that I use weekly to take better care of my skin.

Like I told you guys in last week's post, I used to be the most careless with my skin, soon after finding the scrubs I realized my skin needed more than just a wash and scrub, I needed a mask, but I didn't know it yet, until these arrived and changed my pampering routine FOREVER.

Now,  had already tried L'Oreal's Pure-Clay Cleansers, but not the masks, so when I decided to try these I knew the product I was applying to my face was GREAT quality and no less, but I was actually amazed at the results I saw on my skin after trying the cleansers, scrubs and masks in one pampering routine.

Pure-Clay Masks: (Up to down) Red ALgae, Yuzu Lemon, Seaweed

Pure - Clay Yuzu Lemon Mask

Okay, so let's begin with the popular one, the mask that begun the whole #Claymoji movement: The Yuzu Lemon Clay Mask. This one's a people's favorite as far as I can see, and trust me, it's understandable. This is why:

This mask helps with taking dirt, dead skin and other impurities out of your skin, in addition to that, it helps evening out your skin tone because of all the cleaning already mentioned. My favorite thing about this mask (other than the smell) is how freakin' fresh your face feels after you use it, and the texture of the skin... you gotta try it.

Pure - Clay Seaweed Mask
Who doesn't like to feel "spa-day relaxed"? I know I do, and this face mask helps me with that. This is the softest mask I have ever put on my skin, and for that alone I can tell you that the first thing this does is relax your face so you can sit back and let it do its other wonders. This face mask helps evening out the redness from imperfections while cleansing and leaving you with the lightest sense of comfort on your skin.

{Featuring my go-to primer the Infallible Glow-Lock}

Pure - Clay Red Algae Mask

Yes, I know. The aesthetic of this, right? Before I introduce this mask to you, I want to tell you about this highlight palette also from L'Oréal Paris. Right now it's my favorite, it's the LUMI Glow-Nude in Sunlight, and yes guys, I am obsessed! So of course, after looking glow all day with my highlight palette, I want my skin to have the same effect when I take it all off. For that, I use my L'Oréal Paris "Exfoliate and Refine" Clay Mask. This mask has volcanic rocks in it, so it exfoliates your skin leaving it as smooth as possible, and it unclogs and tightens your pores. After this mask your skin won't need the Glow-Nude highlight palette, but you'll still want it.

Photocreds: Angel Giusti (@giusti15
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