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July 30, 2018
Hi budget cuties!

A few weeks ago I received a package that left me speechless... the packaging was jaw-dropping but what was inside holds my heart. I'm not big on fancy parties, actually, I hardly ever get the chance to wear fancy dresses because if I do go out... it's usually not fancy, but Menta & Mar Boutique made it hard for me to NOT wear the amazing piece I was sent.

Photography by Angel Giusti

(Cecil Bodycon Dress)

I've had issues with my body image for the past couple of months, so wearing a bodycon dress seemed like a really heavy task to deal with at the moment, but right after unboxing this gorgeous piece... I went for it. 

Looking at myself in the mirror has never felt as good as it did when I put on the "Cecil Bodycon", with an open back and a "butterfly effect" sleeves, my self-consciousness left, and I felt extremely sexy again. Thank you, "Menta y Mar" for helping me feel comfortable and sexy with your brand, it's been a hard journey, but I'm enjoying it while rocking this bodycon dress.

Something that helped me a lot was having Angel (@giusti15) behind the camera, I promise I have never felt so beautiful.

Get the look on mentaymarboutique.com/
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